C&S Membership

Membership is open to everyone with an interest in Model Railroading and the historical value of railroading in general.  Our membership dues is our primary source of revenue to pay the electric and gas bills.  We like to keep the facilities comfortable for you.   Our dues is as follows: 

 1 yr individual membership – $200.00  equal to $16.66 a month

3 yr individual membership – $540.00  equal to $15.00 a month

Student memberships are available to individuals over 14 years old, active in school,   grades through 12, with a C grade average or better.  Must show proof of  your grades.

1 yr student membership – $120.00 equal to $10.00 a month

.                                   or

Operators may pay at the door, $20.00 per person per operating session

 All membership dues are in effect through the calendar year: January to  December.  Dues must be paid no later than March 1 of each year.


Benefits of memberships

Allowed to operate at all normal and special operating sessions.  Can run trains at anytime but must put them back where they started from.

Allowed to work on the layout at work sessions or with special arrangements to get in.

Automatic free membership to the Indian Nation Division (IND) of  the Mid-Continent Region of the NMRA, if you are not already a member.   (See Links section of this site)

Take part in operating sessions with Hooters in Houston, Texas,  Hograil in NW Arkansas and DFW Interchange in Dallas, Tx. along with other operating events that we get invited to. 


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